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Městovirginia water
Nejoblíbenější kniha:Nation. Or Good Omens. Or Nation. ooh and what about Planet of Adventure. Or Dream Park. Grrr why only one! That\'s like saying \'favourite finger\'
Nejoblíbenější autor:Terry. Or Jack Vance. Neil Gaiman, possibly. Grr see above
Nejoblíbenější zeměplošská kniha:Night Watch
Nejoblíbenější zeměplošská postava:Sam Vimes
Nejoblíbenejší zeměplošská serie:The Watch
Nejoblíbenější film:See above. Not even going to try....
Nejoblíbenější seriál:TV Series? West Wing
Zeměplošská postava,
která je vám nejvíce podobná :
Me. (I _am_ Twister Boote)
Něco o mně:
Oh Gods, what to say. Erm, Hello, I\'m Chris and I\'m a HUGE Discworld fan I\'ve been to every UK convention, plus almost all others around the world (US, Australia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, South Africa, ... maybe Brazil this year) I\'m technically the chairman of the South African Discworld Convention Committee although I prefer the title \'Admiral for Life and First Tiger\' I read lots of other stuff too I know lots of crazy and only slightly useful things ( can tell you the full meaning of \'born with a silver spoon in your mouth\' if you want) and Terry used to (rarely) ring me up, or (less rarely) grab me at events and ask me odd questions - like \'How much snot does a human produce in their lifetime\' or \'Why do old pubs have those silly glass dimpled windows\' I love Prague, my favourite city on Earth (unless I\'m in Venice, then I think I\'m cheating on Prague) and will keep coming back I start long lists the run out of things to say